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The 4 villas

One of the most striking originalities of the Saint-Christophe hotel is its composition in 4 small villas from La Baule in the 1900's, spread out in the garden and offering different views and atmospheres. Classified as remarkable villas, they are part of the architectural heritage of La Baule, and have been carefully preserved. In these 4 historical villas, do not expect to find an elevator! The place, respected, has remained in its authenticity.

Discover the history of the establishment

Each villa has about ten rooms, immersing the visitor in the atmosphere of a family home on a human scale, simple and intimate. Here, there is no large hall, nor long corridors, but rather 4 small vacation homes, dotted with living rooms, libraries, family chests of drawers, paintings and bouquets of fresh flowers.

The decoration of the establishment leaves a large place to the English style, heritage of the golden age of the seaside resorts. Elegant, colorful and warm, the style places great importance on guest comfort, with a profusion of soft chairs and cushions. Each villa has a different facet of this decoration, like so many different personalities.

Villa Saint-Christophe, exuberant and offbeat
The Villa Saint-Christophe, the first born of the establishment, is the emblematic villa of the house. It houses the reception, the restaurant and the lounges. Upstairs, there are only 3 rooms and 2 of our most beautiful suites: the Alphonse Daudet Suite and the Signature Suite, with its large private rooftop.

It is in this villa that the decoration is the most audacious: juxtaposition of patterns and colors, wallpapers on the ceiling, exotic details and chic chinoiseries... This villa pays tribute to British audacity!

Villa Saint-François, vintage and colorful
On the other side of the terrace, facing the church and the presbytery, is the Villa Saint-François, a former gymnasium built in 1920 which retains its monumental ceiling heights from its sporting heritage. Distributed over two levels (first floor and second floor), the 10 rooms embody a wiser vision of the Saint-Christophe style, in which the wallpapers give pride of place to the soft blues and greens of Farrow and Ball.

Patterns are brought in only in small touches. Rattan furniture and pops of bright color create a fresh and cheerful retro-pop vibe. On the second floor, the Apollinaire Suite and the James Joyce Duplex Suite offer sunny bubbles of softness.

Villa Sainte-Claire, the English Garden
Also bordering the terrace, between the first two villas, stands the Villa Sainte-Claire, built in 1927 on the former tennis courts of the pension. Spread over 4 levels, it houses 11 rooms and suites. On the ground floor, accessible via the garden below, is one of our family garden rooms. For the other 10 rooms, a charming little wooden bridge with red railing leads to the main entrance of the house. The 2nd floor is exclusively reserved for 2 of our Cocoon Suites under the Roofs.

In this villa, it is the garden that invites itself into the rooms, with many iconic floral prints from the historical collections of Morris & Co, Cole & Son or Colefax and Fawler. The decoration is fresh and bucolic, evoking an English cottage.

Villa Ker Janick, British Club spirit

Ker Janick, the last villa to join the property, is nevertheless the oldest of the house, since it was born in 1911, two years before Saint-Christophe.  Located at the back of the property, it offers a panoramic view of both our garden and the Oiseaux district, with its many historic villas. On the ground floor, accessible via the garden below, is one of our family rooms in the garden, as well as our Loft au Jardin, which is more than 70 m² in size. On the second floor, our third Suite Cocoons is located under the roof.

The decor is a tribute to British warmth: dark woods, intense colors, stripes and Ralph Lauren tiles are the star here, often balanced by foliage prints or stylized flowers. Numerous cushions, books and vintage frames accentuate the club atmosphere, inviting you to relax, far from the modern hustle and bustle.

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