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Saint Christophe: family hotel in La Baule

La Baule is undoubtedly the best place for your family vacation. The town allows you to enjoy the sun, various leisure and relaxation activities. However, it is always important to choose the right accommodation to accommodate your family. For this, La Baule has a multitude of hotels to choose from. But do you have to choose the right one? To make your choice easier, opt for Saint Christophe, our family hotel in La Baule.

Family rooms adapted to your needs at Saint Christophe

Nothing should be left to chance for your family vacation by the sea. The first thing to consider is the choice of rooms. The age and number of your children are extremely important selection criteria. Young children are more complicated to manage. For teenagers, opt for a room that offers privacy. To meet your needs, the Saint Christophe hotel offers you several family rooms to choose from:

  • The classic family room: made up of two bedrooms (one for the parents and one for the children), this accommodation offer is perfect for a couple with two children. Enjoy a comfortable bed for the parents, 2 twin beds for the children and a space of 25 m².
  • The garden family room: if you want more space and more privacy, the garden family room is perfect for your holidays by the sea in La Baule. Located on the ground floor, the rooms have a private terrace, a bedroom for the parents and a bedroom for the children.
  • The Loft in the Garden: to offer your family a dream holiday in La Baule, opt for the loft in the garden. Enjoy a space of 70 m² with a separate bedroom for children, a large room and a huge private terrace.

Facilities adapted for children

Hotel Saint Christophe offers modern infrastructure and facilities to guarantee your comfort and that of your children. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, free and secure internet access, TV, etc. The decoration will suit both children and parents. The establishment also offers equipment and games for children. Moreover, animals are allowed. After all, your faithful companions are an integral part of your family! Located on 1 avenue des Alcyons in La Baule-Escoublac, the Saint Christophe hotel offers a pleasant and peaceful stay. The establishment is a real corner of paradise to put down your suitcases. The setting reflects both the past and the future. In other words, the hotel is a relic of the past completely renovated and modernized.

Catering service at the host Saint Christophe

You have to eat well when you go on a family holiday to La Baule. A balanced breakfast is crucial to start the day off right. A family lunch and dinner allows you to strengthen bonds and keep everyone happy. Also, don't miss afternoon tea time and morning snacks. If you want a catering service for your family holidays, the Saint Christophe hotel offers you the half-board package, take-away breakfast, gourmet table, etc.

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