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La Baule beach: an exciting stopover in Brittany

From its full name La Baule-Escoublac, La Baule is a city with incredible charm. Located on the west coast of France, the city runs along the Atlantic coast and offers one of the most beautiful views in all of Brittany. In addition, La Baule offers many tourist attractions such as visits to historical monuments, green walks in the Escoublac forest, etc. However, the main attraction of the region remains the bay and especially the beach of La Baule. In this article, we take you to one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

La Baule Beach, the heart of the bay

La Baule beach is undoubtedly one of Brittany's best kept secrets. Taking the shape of an arc, the beach is both a wonderful and fascinating place. Discover an exceptional view of the Atlantic, fall under the spell of a sea of ​​turquoise waters and enjoy a friendly atmosphere. La Baule beach is really the heart of the bay and even of the city.

Enjoy over 310,000 cubic meters of sand

Re-silted in 2004, the magnificent beach of La Baule offers a touch of novelty. Crossing several municipalities and stretching over more than 7 km, the beach offers you more than 310,000 cubic meters of white sand. A walk on this heavenly beach is a pure moment of pleasure. In addition, La Baule beach is also a huge playground, not only for children, but also for adults. Here, everything is possible. From swimming at low tide to kitesurfing, lazing around and tanning in the sun, the beach can make everyone happy. The only challenge is to choose the activity that suits you!

The cleanest beach in Europe

In addition to its beauty, the reputation of La Baule beach also lies in its upkeep. Indeed, this beach is considered one of the cleanest beaches in Europe. The cleaning service comes every morning. There are 160 baskets which are emptied twice a day. The cleanliness of La Baule beach is exemplary. Currently, other more modern cleaning options are installed to ensure a clean and spotless beach.

La Baule Plage: comfort, safety and quality of service

La Baule beach is a true haven of peace for travellers. Apart from an immaculate property, the beach also guarantees the comfort and safety of its visitors. For comfort, you have at your disposal more than 750 tents to relax and 170 wooden cabins to store your belongings. To guarantee safety, you can find several surveillance posts along the beach and 4 first aid posts in the event of an accident.

Enjoy La Baule beach in a friendly setting

If you want to take full advantage of all the wonderful things that La Baule beach has to offer, choose a friendly setting. For this, the Saint Christophe hotel is the best option. Located a few meters from the beach, the hotel offers you an unforgettable and comfortable stay with a breathtaking view of the entire bay and a timeless atmosphere.

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