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Casino La Baule: treat yourself and win the jackpot

The thrill of gambling is both thrilling and exhilarating. The casino experience is so extraordinary... If you want to have fun during your stay in La Baule, go to the Casino Barrière in La Baule-Escoublac and share moments of suspense, moments of pleasure... and for the lucky ones the pleasure of winning. In this article, we invite you to discover the La Baule casino.

Treat yourself to unforgettable moments at the Casino Barrière de la Baule

Renowned for its luxury hotels, its magnificent beach and its various nautical activities, La Baule is a destination of choice for holidays and corporate events. Although the town is an attraction in itself, the Casino Barrière de La Baule deserves special mention. With a proud appearance facing the bay of La Baule, the Casino Barrière is a prestigious place that guarantees unforgettable moments. If you want to have fun, this is the ideal meeting place.

Try your luck and play different games of chance

To surprise and satisfy its customers, the Casino Barrière in La Baule offers many games adapted according to the levels and the preference of each one. Serious gamblers can compete against other people at table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker or Wheel of Luck. For those who want to test their lucky stars, there are state-of-the-art slot machines. For 2.0 players, the casino also offers electronic games.

Enjoy a warm atmosphere

Loser or winner, lucky or unlucky, the Barrière casino in La Baule always offers a warm atmosphere. If you hit the jackpot, you definitely won't need to cheer yourself up. If you've lost the bet, you'll want to take a little break. For this, the establishment offers various entertainment and shows to entertain you. On the program, discover the dinner-show, the dancing tea, the Loto entertainment, etc.

Gastronomic stopover at the Bistro Barrière

In addition to games and entertainment, the Casino in La Baule also offers a gastronomic stopover with its Bistro. Located behind the games rooms, the Bistro Barrière offers you a breathtaking view of the ocean, delicious dishes and a friendly atmosphere. The setting is simply exceptional! Gambling can be stressful, which is why it's always nice to stop by the Bistro.

The conditions and restrictions of the casino in La Baule

The La Baule casino is accessible to everyone, except for the gaming rooms and the Bistro. To access these places, you must be of legal age and present a valid identity document. Access is free, however you must respect proper attire. Sportswear, swimsuits, tank tops are restricted by the establishment.

Hotel Saint Christophe: a haven of peace after your casino night in La Baule

After an evening at the casino, the Saint Christophe hotel offers you a cozy bed to relax. We have several types of accommodation to suit everyone's needs. Located near La Baule beach and the Barrière casino, the hotel's setting is charming, the service is impeccable. Book your stay at the Saint Christophe hotel now and treat yourself to unforgettable moments in La Baule.

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